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Danish Actors in Afghanistan

DAC - Danish Afghanistan Committee

DAC works with primary healthcare in Afghanistan and has over 20 years of experience in the field.

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DACAAR is a Danish NGO founded in 1984 that seeks to support the Afghan rural population in the development of sustainable living conditions. They have been working in Afghanistan for 30 years.

Today DACAAR is an implementing partner in three main programmes: 

· The Rural Development Programme – including NSP

· The Water and Sanitation Programme

· The Microfinance Programme

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DAARTT – Danish Assistance to Afghan Reconstruction and Technical Training

DAARTT was established in 2003 as a non-political, non-profit humanitarian organisation, registered and approved by the Afghan government on 14th January 2004.

The objective of DAARTT is to support the need for reconstruction and development in Afghanistan, with special focus on the educational sector.

The programme activities, comprising construction, reconstruction and maintenance of schools for children and young people, aim at securing equal access to schooling for both girls and boys, aim at involving the local community in the building activities and the subsequent maintenance, and at arousing an interest with the local community to be actively involved and interested in improving the educational possibilities.

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The overall purpose with Global EduSport is to promote street working children’s and youths’ rights to education, sports and play.

The concrete objectives of current projects in Afghanistan is to create room to educate young sports teachers from Kabul, who are in charge of sports education for street working children and youth. This is achieved by offering education to sports teachers attached to the established school system and the volunteer sports forum.

Read more on the Global Edusport website


Mission East is a Danish international relief and development organisation, which works to help the vulnerable through humanitarian relief aid, development assistance and support to increasing capacity of communities to organise and assist themselves.

Their 'Values in Action are': honesty,integrity, compassion, valuing the individual, respect for all people.

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MMCC - Mobile Mini Circus for Children

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