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Securing conditions for reconstruction

The Danish soldiers establish security and create conditions for reconstruction

The Danish forces carried out, for example, a large-scale operation in January 2008 which established the basis for liberating several areas of the green zone around the Helmand River from the control of militant Taliban groups. The objective of the operation was, among other things, to establish a patrol base called “Armadillo”, from where the Danish contingent could monitor and patrol a large area of the Green Zone and thus create conditions for civilian development in the area.

The Afghan National Army is becoming more capable

On 11 December 2007, the Afghan National Army, with support from ISAF forces, recaptured control of the town of Musa Qala in Helmand Province. The operation shows that the Afghan National Army has become more effective and in time will be capable of undertaking security missions in Afghanistan by itself. The Afghan troops have remained in the town and maintain security together with ISAF, so as to ensure that the development and reconstruction work can continue, to the benefit of the town’s inhabitants.

The human barometer

Danish and allied troops often patrol in the town of Gereshk, which with its approx. 50,000 inhabitants is one of the larger towns in Helmand Province. The patrols are conducted in open-top vehicles that make it easier to come into contact with the local population. It is important to gauge the atmosphere in the town, and the troops at the same time get the opportunity to show that ISAF and the Afghan security forces engage in concerted efforts to increase security.

The personal contact with the local population in Gereshk has importance for the entire Danish effort in Helmand Province. Through daily dialogue, the inhabitants can, among other things, assist the troops with information about hostile movements and activity in and around the town, which is a sign of trust in the ISAF forces.