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The Danish efforts in Afghanistan

Total Assistance Pledged since 2001-2011: DKK 2.997.227.553
Total Assistance Disbursed since 2001-2010: DKK 3.336.188.952

Total Assistance Pledged Since 2008 (including Paris Pledge) 

The Danish Afghanistan Strategy 2008-2012 announced a rise in the civilian engagement in Afghanistan, including a rise in pledged aid assistance. In 2010 the development assistance reached DKK 480 million, and rose to close to 500 million (approx.. 100 million USD)  in 2011 and 2012.

Total Personnel Stationed

Denmark has roughly 760 personnel stationed in Afghanistan both civilian and military. Of these approximately 720 are troops, out of which most are in Helmand Province under Task Force Helmand (the remaining troops are either stationed in Regional Command South West or ISAF HQ in Kabul). 8 are stationed at NTM-A/CSTC-A.

Besides the military presence, Denmark has stationed approx. 40 diplomats, civilian advisors and experts in Afghanistan, with approx. 1/4 at the Danish embassy in Kabul, 1/4 at the PRT Helmand and 2/4 at EUPOL and as advisors for ANP.


Denmark’s operation in Afghanistan is based on The Danish Afghanistan Strategy 2008-2012. The Danish Afghanistan strategy embodies a combined civilian and military approach focusing on a military effort that supports the reconstruction and development initiatives and vice versa. Denmark’s objectives in Afghanistan from 2008-2012 are to increase security and stability, state building and human rights, education, the improvement of living conditions, and cross cutting issues involving women’s rights, good governance and counter-narcotics. These objectives form the foundation of Denmark’s long-term commitment to improving the safety, opportunities and everyday lives of the Afghan people.

State building & political efforts
Denmark will continue to support state-building, democracy, good governance and the promotion of respect for human rights. This will be done through strengthening International coordination, ensuring the EU enhances its political and development assistance profile in Afghanistan, strengthening Nordic cooperation, maintaining the pressure on the Afghan Government to respect human rights and promote democracy, promoting national reconciliation, and advocating an integrated approach to counter-insurgency.

Security & Stability
The Danish engagement in Helmand is carried out as a fully integrated civilian and military effort in close cooperation with Afghan authorities, Great Britain and the United States. In 2011 and 2012 the Danish engagement in Helmand will focus on increasing the capacity of the Afghan security forces as well as the provincial and district authorities

Denmark’s aim is that all children in Afghanistan should have access to education. This is a long-term objective that entails spreading out schooling and education, and ensuring that all school children have access to textbooks and a modern curriculum. It also involves the integration of refugee returnees into the schooling system and enhancing the Afghan Ministry of Educations administrative practices.

Improvement of living conditions
Denmark will contribute to combating poverty by promoting legal economic growth and employment for men and women, ensuring that 800,000 households have access to financial services and reintegrating up to one million refugees back into the Afghan society.

Women’s rights, good governance and counter-narcotics
Improving the conditions and rights of women, building good governance practices and counter-narcotics will be cross cutting considerations when working towards achieving the Danish objectives outlined above.

Most Recent Announcements

Denmark is in the process of formulating a new Afghanistan plan for the period 2013-14. Anticipated to be announced in late 2012.

The Danish plan for Helmand Province 2011-12 was announced in February 2011. The plan is supplementary to the Danish Afghanistan Strategy 2008-2012.

The Danish two-year Helmand Plan for the comprehensive Danish engagement in Afghanistan for 2011-2012 with a view towards 2014 involves adjustments of the Danish military engagement towards an increased focus on training of the Afghan security forces. The plan also entails a markedly strengthened police training effort as well as an increase in civilian and developmental contributions to Afghanistan.

The key developments are:

  • Adjustments from combat to training will be implemented Both are areas where the Danish soldiers have proven skills. 
  • Long-term perspective, making it possible to “finish the job”.
  • Doubling of the Danish police training in Helmand.
  • Development assistance to Afghanistan approx. 500 million DKK per year.

Reporting Timeframe

Most pledges are done on a year to year basis. Updates are done regularly.


Ministry of Foreign Affairs/DANIDA



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